Super Skunk

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Super Skunk

Seed Bank: Sensi Seeds

Genetics: Sativa, Indica

Afghani T x Skunk 18.5
Awards: Winner, High Times Harvest Festival 1990

Especially developed for Skunk lovers, this variety reeks with dank skunk odor. Sensi has crossed one of their best skunk lines back to Afghani ancestors, the Afghani T, to create Super Skunk: a variety with body and beautiful flower formation that is quick and easy to grow.
Successful indoors or for greenhouse gardening in most temperate zones, Super Skunk also fares well in the outdoors, given a mild, arid climate.
It is suitable for most standard indoor gardening methods, including the sea of green style. Cannabis Castle growers recommend employing hydroponics for an efficient garden with quick results.
The good yield potential and agreeable nature of this strain make it a good selection for beginners and commercial growers alike.
Super Skunk is short to medium in height with wide indica-style leaves and compact flowers.
Merely brushing against this plant releases a powerful skunk aroma that fills the grow room, which may require some tact or at least some privacy if guerilla growing.
The flavor is dense and sweet, and the buzz flows through the mind and body, although it can lead to lethargy if smoked in quantity.